Second Grade

1 poly plastic pocket folder and prongs  (This comes home nightly.
The 3-ring binders do not last for the year.)

1 clear plastic zipper pencil pouch 3-hole punched (to be used with poly folder)

1 plastic school box to keep supplies in desk

1 pocket folder any design

2 wide-ruled 70 page spiral notebooks

2 composition notebooks

24 - #2 pencils (sharpened) with erasers (no mechanical)

1 flat hand held eraser and 1 box pencil cap erasers

1 Large glue stick

1 box 24 count (or less) of crayons or colored pencils

1 box of markers

1 Hi-Lighter marker

1 pkg. with 3 or more large Expo low odor dry erase markers and 1 old sock     (they will use their markers and sock daily with morning calendar)

1 pad of 3x3 post-it notes

1 large box of tissues (200 count or more)

1 small bottle of hand sanitizer

1 jumbo container of antibacterial hand wipes

1 pair of gym shoes for P.E. (to leave at school)