2016-17 eRate 470

Morning Sun Community School District
E-Rate Form 470 for Category 1 and Category 2 Services
March 13, 2016

Category 1 Services

            Internet Connections        40 Mbps or faster
            Local Phone Service            4 lines or more
            Long Distance Service        All phones at the elementary building

Category 2 Services

Morning Sun Community School District

E-Rate – Category 2 RFP

This information is provided for service providers interested in bidding on equipment to be purchased by MSCSD under Category 2 of the Federal E-Rate process.  Any questions that are submitted will be answered on this site, so check back often for updated FAQ’s.



            Morning Sun Community Schools seeks to replace and upgrade the density of its current wireless network throughout the building.  This will include access points.  In addition to the wireless network, the district intends to expand services through wired and wireless networks by adding/replacing network equipment such as switches.


Products / Services Desired:

  • Cloud-based, indoor, wireless access points
    • 13 or more Meraki Access points, model number MR32-HW at a minimum or better.
  • Network Switches
    • 2 or more HP 2920-24G POE+ Switches and cables that are specified below, at a minimum or better.


  • Network Cabling
  • At our elementary school building, we are looking to install a minimum of 26 individual drops. This cabling will originate from 2 of our current network closet locations and will include new patch panels, faceplates, and any needed conduit, and patch cables. MSCSD will also like fiber (6-pair) installed between 1 of our current network closets and racks. MSCSD is requesting the cabling to be Cat 6 cable. MSCSD strongly requests an early site visit. To request maps or additional information, please contact us using the following email address:  quotes@mscsd.org
  • When quoting cabling work, please quote a price per drop as well as total package.  Please base your quote on the number of 26 drops.  Please quote plenum rated cable to be use for entire project.

Service / Product Guarantee

  • All services and products must be new and carry a manufacturer warranty. 
  • All services and products must be compatible and interoperable with the district's current products and services.
  • If equivalent products are proposed, vendor must provide training and support of interoperability and compatibility to district’s current products and services.

Scheduled Walk Through

March 29th

1st - 10:00 am

2nd - 2:00 pm

Contact Information

  • All quotes must be submitted by email to quotes@mscsd.org.
  • Questions may also be directed to quotes@mscsd.org.
  • Vendors need to make sure to check this E-Rate Page for updated FAQ’s as they are asked and information is disseminated for all vendors.
  • All quotes must be received by 4:00 PM on Monday, April 11th in order to be considered.



What are the ground rules for quoting equivalent products?
          Ground rules for quoting equivalent products are just that the technical specifications should be about equal to the examples/models we have listed.  There is capacity or performance that we are looking for from the equipment.  If you have a different product that can meet the specifications listed, please feel free to quote them.