Second Grade Supply List

2 poly plastic 2-pocket folders with prongs (One comes home nightly.
The 3-ring binders do not last for the year.)

1 pocket folder any design

1 zipper pencil pouch

1 plastic school box to keep supplies in desk

1 wide-ruled 70 page spiral notebook

1 composition notebook

24 - #2 pencils (sharpened) with erasers (no mechanical pencils)
(Just a side note, the cutesy printed/designed pencils are wrapped in plastic and very hard for them to sharpen, so the plain pencils are much easier, Ticonderoga are the best!)

1 flat, hand held eraser (some students also need cap erasers from breaking off the pencils erasers)

1 pkg of 3 glue sticks

1 box 24 count (or less) of crayons or colored pencils

1 box of markers

2 different colored Hi-Lighter markers

1 pkg. with 3 or more large Expo low odor, dry erase markers (they will use their markers daily)

1 pkg. fine point, Expo low odor, dry erase markers

2 pads of 3x3 post-it notes, 100 count each or more

1 large box of tissues

1 small bottle of hand sanitizer

Head phones or ear buds

1 jumbo container of antibacterial hand wipes

*An old sock from home to use as an eraser with their Expo Markers

***Do not bring scissors, I have them and pass them out as needed