Parent-Teacher Organization

What is the P.T.O.? (Parent-Teacher Organization)
The P.T.O. is a group of parents and teaching staff interested in providing extra opportunities for our students here in Morning Sun.

What do they do?
Volunteers organize fundraisers to support events, activities, supplies, field trip, extra learning materials and other things. These are sometimes educational items and other times just for fun. More volunteers plan and run these activities.

Who comes to the meetings? Where are the meetings?
Anyone! Everyone is welcomed!! There is no "joining up or dues to pay". Meetings are short and informal they are always at the school (either I.C.N. room or cateteria).

What are they planning?
You or others that come to the meetings decide what we do!! The P.T.O. has provided the school's annual yearbook, the Eagle Bluff fieldtrips, additions to the playground, repairs to the park swings. Money raised through fundraising went to the Tiger Tale Book Store, RIF book give away and the stock market game. The school talent show, t-shirt sales, school carnival, bowling trips, plays, walk to school day, concert refreshments, butter braid sales, Junior Achievement Exchange City, and several school suppers are some of the other things your Morning Sun P.T.O. have provided in the last few years.

Come to our meetings and find out more!
Become involved in providing a fulfilling experience for your children at the Morning Sun Elementary School!!!
really need parents to come to the meetings for some fresh ideas.

Questions?? Call Jill Townsley at 868-5718 or 868-7206