Principal's Message

April 2017

Dear Morning Sun Community,

If you watch the news, you may unfortunately see some horrible devastation to buildings, towns, and communities, from storms.  There have been some communities in the Midwest, and even relatively close to us, that have had a similar misfortune.  At the school, we are in the middle of a series of weather drills to keep the students and staff as safe as possible.  In April, there is a tornado awareness week, and we will be doing more drills this month to be as prepared as possible.  We have had two drills already, and we have cut down the time by almost one minute that students need to get to the shelter area.

In the lunchroom, we work daily to get the students through the line efficiently, and have them “eat more and talk less”, and they can visit after they eat.  Socialization is a skill that we are trying to teach appropriate limits for, and there are times that we need to quiet the group, but overall our students are pretty respectful and well behaved.  Another thing that we are working on is the outside recess guidelines.  Please remind students to wear layers in this changing weather that we have, it is not good to see students wear only a t-shirt to school, then the weather changes, and they are cold at recess time.

Our Iowa Assessment results are back for the school.  On average, our students scored well on the tests. The state has not published official results yet, I will report on them at that time.  On standardized tests, there are normally some low and high scores, but again the average of our student scores are high!  We do need to get more results back from the state level, and these will be evaluated by teachers as they come in.  We will do our last round of FAST testing in the classrooms, as well as continue our Accelerated Reader testing and other evaluations throughout the school year.  

It is great to get the rain to replenish the ground moisture, but it will be nice to see the sun too!  Soccer and Baseball/Softball are on the horizon; it will be great for the kids to be able to have outside activities again.  The school will be accepting applications for a 4th grade teaching position and bus driving positions.  If you know of anyone interested in these, have them apply on, or call the office at school, 319-868-7701.  Have a great month, Go Tigers!

Mr. Gravel, MSES Principal